Saturday, June 4, 2016

Why do windshield cracks spread?

Ever notice you park your car for a while to run into the store for a few things, when you come out...your windshield is cracked from end to end. "But I wasn't even driving! How could this happen?"
All modern windshields are glued to the vehicle body with high strength urethane adhesive and are under a lot of stress. Windshields will expand and contract with changing temperatures and conditions! This combination of stress and "liquidity" is why your windshield will crack out. This is why windshield replacement in Phoenix Arizona is an ever present need.
A sudden monsoon rain or even a short trip to the car wash in combination with a scalding hot windshield will most certainly crack a small chip clear across your glass. Even overnight winter temperatures transitioning into our perfect AZ winter daytime temps will do it too.
This is why it is so important to repair that chip in your auto glass before it has a chance to spread.
We guarantee our chip repairs not to grow any further for the life of the vehicle AND the repair will dramatically improve in appearance. We pride ourselves in helping our very own Gilbert AZ community save money, hassle and time.
Now that its officially summer in the valley of the sun, call us at 480-994-9444 to schedule your valley wide windshield repair at your home, school or business...Tell us you read our blog post, we will discount our service $10 off the normal $30 for your first chip. Additional chip repairs are always just $10 additional.
Keep cool, keep sane this summer.